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The underground phenomenon known as Shown Blk to the international scene as one of the hottest new talents out, reaching the ears of the fans from Honduras to Holland and all other countries in between. Is it possible? Well, take into consideration that in the span of only two months. Shown’s popularity has grown tremendously. This rise was proven with the leak of his R&B track “Senora”, featuring Arcangel. Without either of their consents or the planned promotion for the song’s launch, it has more than 30,000 downloads and counting. Combine that with the over 200,000 views generated by his collaboration with Dominican rapper Black Jonas Point on “ Todo Acabo” and it is easy to see that Shown does have a strong fan base that is interested in what he does, all created simply through limited internet access and word of mouth.

Not only are the fans taking notice but his peers within the industry have as well. Well known latin artist such as Lapiz ConcienteZion of Zion y Lennox,De La Ghetto and Don Chezina have all witnessed the level of talent and ambition that Shown has during their collaborations with him. Each stating that he does have the potential to make a big mark in the business. Shown Blk had the opportunity of being signed to Wu Tang Latino in May 2005 as a single artist and song writer where he developed several hits but unfortunately due to the company dissolving he was set free to continue his independent success. Meeting his future partner Max Escobar back in 2010 both partners sat down and developed the independent record label “CNS Muzic Group” Class & Style setting the difference between regular music and hit music. Both partners are set to take the latin industry by storm.

Songs Released:

        I.            Senora” feat Arcangel (Released Sept 2010 – over 100,000 downloads)

      II.            Ya No Te Quiero” feat. Don Chezina & Sosa Gucci Prada (Released Sept 2010 – over 90,000 downloads)

    III.            Todo Acado” feat Black Jonas Point (Released April 2011 – Total 200,000 downloads)

    IV.            Mujeres Como Tu” feat Jn3 (Released Sept 2011 – over 10,000 downloads)

      V.            Bajo El Sol” feat Various Artists (Released Sept 2010 – over 12,000 downloads)

    VI.            Victima de Placer” feat. Temperamento & Alex Fatt (Released Dec 2010 – over 5,000 downloads)

  VII.            Phenomenal” feat Padrino (Released Aug 2013 – over 100,000 downloads)

And plenty more hits that this artist Shown Blk was a part of and written songs for some of your favorite latin artist.

Videos Released:

I.            “Soy Real” feating Alex Fatt (15,000 views)

II.            “Mi Dimension” featuring Tali y Messiah (600,000 views)

III.            “Todo Acabo” featuring Black Jonas Point (300,000 views)

IV.            “Bootie Bootie” featuring Benely ( 10,000 views)

V.            “Phenomenal” feat Padrino (100,000 views



Agency: CNS Muzic Group

Email: Cnsmuzicgroup@gmail.com

The artist

Nationality: Dominican

Resident in: New York