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The Yayoboyz arises from a family of rappers from different areas of Atlantic City, NJ, New York and the Dominican Republic. Vita, Profe, Choco & Dee who in 1996 formed the group La Company. At that time called (untouchable concept) and start a new generation of Latin hip hop / Dominican with a different flow and a unique style in the genre of Latin Hip Hop. Followed their underground trajectory developing and expanding its style over time. Through multiple facets of the flow that they acquired. In 2001 Vitta meets Hungry Ham one of the first Dominican rappers from New York city with appearance in the first Dominican urban production of New York called Dj Mafia / undergorund (1996) and begin to exchange ideas of music and make songs, and record mixtapes forming a good solid relationship in a personal way as friends and much more solid in the musical aspect, and thus forming a fifth member of the family of the Company. In 2001 he created his own record label called The Sons of Yayo records whose meaning is the sons of a hustler. In 2003 The company launches its first album called Changing the game. Universal Latino, that in time urban Latin music still did not rise. Hungry Ham in 2004 rapper Meet New York Flynt also that time he used to rap solo in English. Hungry Ham and Flynt created a relationship and instant musical staff and then joins the Flynt family. Then they continue to recruit more talents and expanding the flow and style. For the seventh G-man joins New Jersey rapper with a style more Spanglish. Then the whole family are the sons of YAYO … because we are children of joseadores that are pioneers in ours and come to revolutionize the genre of Hip hop Latin / Dominican world and not subtract multiply



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The artist

Nationality: Dominicanos

Resident in: New Jersey